The Catholic University of America

B.S. Degree in Chemical Physics

Dr. Cynthia Brewer, Advising Coordinator
(202) 319-5164 or

An undergraduate program of concentration designed to meet the increasing need for scientists with strong background in both chemistry and physics. The chemical physics program is administered by an interdepartmental committee between (Chemistry and Physics). For more information contact Dr. Abhijit Sarkar ( in the Department of Physics.

Chemical physics concentrators will be encouraged to participate in the ongoing chemical physics research at the University.

Suggested Sequence of Courses for a B.S. in Chemical Physics

Freshman/Sophomore Year:

  • General Chemistry I, II (CHEM 103/104)
  • General Chemistry Laboratory I, II (CHEM 113/114)
  • Calculus I, II (MATH 121/122)
  • Analytic Geometry & Calculus III  (MATH 221)
  • Calculus IV Differential Eqns (MATH 222)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 203)
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory I, II (CHEM 213/214)
  • Physics I, II (PHYS 215/216)
  • Physics Lab I, II (PHYS 225/226)

Junior/Senior Year:

  • Physical Chemistry I, II (CHEM 351/352)
  • Physical Chemistry Lab I (CHEM 353)
  • CHEM 531
  • PHYS 353, 536 or PHYS 531, 532
  • CHEM 536
  • Additional courses in chemistry, physics, or mathematics