The Catholic University of America

Dr. Irene R. Slagle
Ordinary Professor, Physical Chemistry. 

                                                 B. A.,     1966   Saint Joseph College,
                                                 Ph. D.,   1973  Illinois Institute of Technology
1974-1988, Senior Research Associate,  Illinois Institute of Technology                      


Summary of Research Interests

 The purpose of our research is to obtain new basic knowledge of the chemical properties and kinetic behavior of gas-phase polyatomic free radicals. A special experimental facility has been developed to generate these unstable intermediates under controlled conditions by laser photolysis and to detect them in time-resolved experiments using photoionization mass spectrometry. This facility is being used to study many classes of elementary reactions of polyatomic free radicals including ones which are steps in complex processes of considerable importance. For example, our investigations include studies of free-radical reactions which are important in high-temperature combustion processes (e. g., C2H5 + O2), reactions of chlorine-containing radicals that are important in atmospheric chemistry (e. g., CH2Cl + O) and elementary reactions involved in chemical vapor deposition processes (e. g., SiH3 + O2). When possible, the experimental data obtained on these reactions is integrated with modern theories of chemical reactivity to help us better understand the nature of these processes and to extrapolate the results of our studies to conditions used in actual industrial processes or planetary conditions. The new knowledge being obtained on the chemical kinetics of these and other elementary reactions is being used to better understand the overall processes in which they are involved as well as to improve these processes when this is possible.


Selected Publications

"Kinetics of the Unimolecular Decomposition of iso-C3H7: Weak Collision Effects in Helium, Argon and Nitrogen." Seakins, P. W.; Robertson, S. H.; Pilling, M. J.; Slagle, I. R.; Gmurczyk, G. W.; Bencsura, A.; Gutman, D.; Tsang, W. J. Phys. Chem. 1993, 97, 4450.

"Kinetics and Thermochemistry of the Oxidation of Unsaturated Radicals: C4H5 + O2." Slagle, I. R.; Bencsura, A.; Xing S.-B.; Gutman, D. Sym. (Int.) Combust. [Proc] 1992, 24th, 653.

"Kinetics of the Reaction Between Oxygen Atoms and Propargyl Radicals." Slagle, I. R.; Gmurczyk, G. W.; Batt, L.; Gutman, D. Sym. (Int.) Combust. [Proc] 1991, 23rd, 115.