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Undergraduate Introduction

The Department of Chemistry offers several programs that lead to the B.A. or B.S. degree. The curricula are designed to prepare the student for a career in industry or secondary education, for admission to a graduate program in chemistry or biochemistry, or for admission to medical school.


  • CHEM 103, 113, 104, 114, 203, 213, 204, 214;
  • PHYS 205 or 215, 225, 206 or 216, 226
  • MATH 111, 112 or 121, 122

Minimum grade requirements for acceptance as a concentrator are a C- in chemistry courses, a C- in physics courses, and a C-average in mathematics courses.

B.S. in Chemistry

This option, certified by the American Chemical Society, is designed to prepare students for graduate study or for employment as practicing chemists.

B.A., B.S. in Biochemistry (see Biochemistry)

The B.A. and B.S. programs are administered by an interdisciplinary committee made up of professors from the departments of Biology and Chemistry.

The B.S in Chemical Physics (See Chemical Physics)

This interdisciplinary concentration is administered jointly by the departments of Chemistry and Physics.

B.S. in Environmental Chemistry

For students interested in environmental issues, this option emphasizes environmental chemistry and related topics.